Cockroach Bait

It is not a pleasant experience to find you have a cockroach infestation in your home. Cockroaches harbour and carry bacteria and viruses that may cause illness, produce a dust that can trigger allergies in susceptible individuals, may give off an offensive odour and are generally not pretty to look at either! Ridding the home of these pests involves an integrated approach, part of which may include the use of cockroach baits.

Due to the social and feeding habits of these insects, cockroach baits only need to be ingested by one cockroach in order to kill several others. Cockroach baits contain a food that is attractive to cockroaches along with a toxin, and may also contain an insect growth regulator (IGR) to prevent the young from reaching adulthood and breeding.

Cockroach baits come in the form of:

– Gels or pastes in a syringe which can be applied in small blobs under stoves or fridges, along skirting boards, under sinks or around cupboards.
– Bait stations

– Granule product

(Cockroach baits can be very effective but need to be used with other measures, such as the removal of food and grease particles. If this is not done the insects will be attracted to the food scraps rather than the bait.)

The use of cockroach baits for a major infestation may also include other strategies such as:

– Application of dusts

– Sprays

– Cockroach bombs

– As well as good hygiene practices.

Major infestations really require the help of a professional pest controller who has the expertise to identify the species and apply effective treatments which may include cockroach baits. We can also advise you on strategies that may help to prevent future infestations so if you have a cockroach problem.

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