Cockroach Gel

Cockroach Gel

Cockroach Control Gel Baits

There are quite a number of products on the market these days for the elimination of cockroaches including insecticides, bombs, dusting powders and baits. A cockroach control gel is a form of bait that usually comes in a syringe and can be easily applied in small blobs on cupboard hinges, along skirting boards or under the fridge or sink. The cockroach control gel contains a small amount of toxin which has a slow lethal effect over a few days. This gives enough time for the spreading of the toxin to fellow cockroaches – how this works is explained below. Cockroach control gels may also contain an insect growth regulator that prevents the growth of young nymphs into adulthood.

Cockroach control gel toxins are spread through the social and feeding habits of these insects. Cockroaches often feed on each other’s feces and may also eat the dead body of a poisoned roach. In this way it only takes a small amount of cockroach control gel to kill quite a number of these pests. There are other forms of bait available such as dusts and granules, but one of the advantages of cockroach control gels is that they contain water which cockroaches are attracted to. The soft texture of the cockroach control gel also means that it can be eaten by the young.

Major or recurring infestations of cockroaches require an integrated approach and should be managed by a professional pest controller. Baits such as cockroach control gel alone may not be sufficient and other methods may be required in tandem with them, such as dusts or sprays. Cockroaches are very good at hiding, especially in the daytime, and a professional pest controller has the expertise required to locate them and apply the appropriate remedies for total eradication – to arrange a cockroach controlatment.

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