Cockroaches In Australia

Cockroaches In Australia

Cockroaches are insects which only 30 species out of 4.500 total are associated with human habitats. For our luck just 4 out of the 30 species are known as pests in Australia.

German Cockroach – is the most common species found in houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants and other places. Although they have fully developed wings, they DO NOT fly.

Smokey-Brown Cockroach – is similar to the American Cockroach, smoky-brown roaches can fly pretty well and usually make living in humid places.

American Cockroach – if you have a really big cockroach crawling around your house that’s probably an American Cockroach, they are one of the largest roaches to invade homes, the sad news is that they aren’t just big but they also fly.

Australian Cockroaches – can be easily mistaken with the american cockroaches, the difference is that Australian cockroaches are a bit smaller than american roaches and also they have a yellow margin on the thorax and on the wing base.