Controlling Cockroaches

Controlling Cockroaches

Controlling cockroaches needn’t be that daunting. Cockroaches are the most common pests that will infest your home, food establishments & other buildings.

Cockroaches are really repulsive & annoy people simply by having their presence around.

They are well-known transmitters of disease organisms like the bacterium which can cause food poisoning. Just recently, cockroaches were found to be an allergy source affecting people, the second most common source apart from house dust.

To be good at controlling cockroaches, firstly you need to know a bit about their biology and habits.

German Cockroaches Are The Most Prolific

The German cockroach is by a long shot the most common cockroach found in and around homes and businesses. They are the most common because they are better breeders and are smaller so that they can fit into really tiny spaces. American and Australian cockroaches usually prefer dark, moist locations such as subfloors, drains, gutters and under sinks and basins.

All domestic cockroaches become established in houses and business premises after being brought inside grocery bags or wandering inside from outdoor areas. Once they become established they are very prolific and capable of creating thousands of their offspring within a year.

To put it simply, cockroaches really prefer to live in places where there is abundant food, shelter & moisture. Sanitation and good hygiene practices is an important strategy in their prevention & control.

Throw out any empty soft drink cans and bottles ASAP, paper bags and cardboard boxes shouldn’t be allowed to stick around after they are used. Discard all disposable food containers and clean up any crumbs or residual mess.

Cockroaches don’t vanish during winter like other pests, they are found year-round, causing homeowners and business managers to seek professional pest control.

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