Pest Control Cockroaches

Pest Control Cockroaches

No one likes the look of a cockroach. They’re identified as dirty and disease-ridden and you can see some people palpably affected by the sight of one! Their cause for alarm is quite reasonable – cockroaches are known to harbor a wide variety of bacterium that includes Staphylococcus, Salmonella, as well as Streptococcus. They might even be capable of being a carrier of the Poliovirus!

All of this contributes to the horrible reputation cockroaches have as contagion spreaders which make it all the more important to have regular pest control, cockroach control and pest inspections at home as well as any food prep establishment (restaurants, cafes etc).

How Do Cockroaches Actually Spread Disease?

Cockroaches are the vultures of the bug world and specialize in scavenging. Though they’re even less picky than vultures. Cockroaches are happy to devour old and rotten rubbish, dead and decaying animals and even refuse in the sewers. While they scavenge they ingest various harmful bacteria and collect it on their carapace while moving about. To make matters even worse, they regurgitate and expel fecal matter along their journey which leaves more harmful bacteria in their wake.

How To Discourage Cockroaches

You can easily discourage cockroaches by:

– Making sure that all food containers are properly sealed and no food is left lying around the kitchen, serving as a cockroach beacon.

– Remove rubbish/refuse from the bin regularly and avoid letting it build up in the bins outside

– Avoid leaving old pet food in bowls and regularly wash your pet’s food container.

– Try to seal all paper, newspaper, books and magazines in plastic containers or zip lock bags to prevent cockroaches from infesting them.

– Make it a habit to include kitchen appliances, like the refrigerator and microwave, in your cleaning routine – also empty the crumbs from the toaster regularly.

– Make use of an anti-bacterial surface spray to clean counter-tops.

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant or you just want a pet and cockroach-free home, if you’d prefer to not see cockroaches and their little bits of evidence all about your kitchen then make sure you get a proper treatment. Everyone knows how off-putting it is to see a cockroach at restaurants – it’s a guaranteed way to lose a customer forever! Don’t risk it. Call A1 today or send us an email and we can organize an urgent appointment.

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