Prevent Cockroaches

Prevent Cockroaches

To prevent cockroaches you will need to improve hygiene, block cracks, and crevices where they can hide.

You can discourage cockroaches by:

– Ensuring that food is sealed and crumbs or residue not left on benches, the floor or in the pantry.

– Promptly removing rubbish from the home and keeping outside bins sealed as well as possible.

– Not leaving pet food or dirty pet food bowls out.

– Storing old books, magazines or other items that aren’t in use in well sealed plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes, or just stacking them in a storage cupboard.

– Regularly clean behind and beneath kitchen appliances like the microwave and fridge, and remove the crumbs daily from your toaster.

– Using a surface spray.

Whether you’re a restaurant operator or a home owner, the sight of a cockroach scurrying across the floor – or even belly up dead in the cupboard – is something you’d prefer not to see; and it’s certainly something that your visitors or customers don’t want to see. But sometimes, despite your best efforts in regard to hygiene, cockroaches still appear.

This may sometimes be the result of unhygienic conditions at nearby premises, or conversely, the result of a recent pest control. Cockroaches and their management or treatments nearby may send the local cockroaches off in search of new food sources.

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