Cockroach Facts

Tips And Tricks About Cockroaches

Store pots, pans and dishes upside down so you won’t have cockroach droppings or eggs inside them.

If you see at least one during the daylight or after switching on the lights, this means you have a problem. Fix it as soon as possible or you will have an extra guest at your next dinner party.

Natural roach repellents are peppermint oil, cucumber peel, citrus, catnip, garlic, and clove oil.

It’s debatable whether or not stepping on a female cockroach will destroy the eggs. Eggs are laid in a thick casing called an ootheca, and will most likely not survive if the female is killed, but it’s smart to clean it all off your shoe anyway.

If you do smash a cockroach be sure to thoroughly clean the surface around the bug and dispose of or thoroughly clean whatever you killed it with.

To dispose of dead cockroaches, flush them down the toilet so it’s out of your house.

Baits and traps are most effective if placed in several areas, particularly near known roach paths or where droppings are present. Try not to disturb the area too much by cleaning, or the roaches may reroute their trips.

Seal open cereal packages by placing the whole inner bag inside a zip-lock bag so it’s completely sealed, then slide it back into the box. Don’t allow crumbs to accumulate around the sealed bag inside the box because a cockroach can live on crumbs for a long time. Chip clips or other types of clips won’t keep them out of your food. Do this with everything that comes in a bag or small box. Make sure flour, sugar, oatmeal, etc. is in a sealed container. These seem like simple steps, but they work very well.

Bleach effectively and quickly kills roaches.

Keep bath plugs in so they can’t come up from the drains.

Want to avoid harmful chemicals? Many traps allow you to do so, as do a wide variety of natural pest control products, ranging from boric acid to eucalyptus oil to coffee grounds.

Make your own traps by lining the inside of a Tic-Tac box with fly paper, then replace the top. Leave the little flip top open so the roaches can get in. You can also use a match box or other small box and cut holes at each end. Fly paper is much less expensive than roach traps and works the same way.

Don’t accumulate clutter. They will nest in anything from paper to clothing. This includes the garage, attic, or basement. There is no limit.

Install fluorescent light strips or tap lights inside all your kitchen cabinets and keep them turned on. Cockroaches don’t like light and it will discourage them from munching on food particles and crumbs. Another option is to leave all cabinet doors open and the kitchen lights turned on. It won’t kill them but it will make your home less inviting. Use self-adhesive shelf paper that has an insect repellent built in.

Clean up dog and cat feces in the yard, as cockroaches may eat it or may simply track it through the house, contaminating the home interior.

Always keep food and every thing out of their way and take out your garbage before you go to bed.

Cockroaches breed incredibly quickly. Take action to get rid of them immediately, or you could find yourself with a major infestation on your hands.

If you use public or community laundry facilities, wash white linens and clothing in hot water with plenty of bleach before washing your other laundry. If this isn’t possible, run one wash cycle with hot water and bleach without any laundry, then do your other laundry in the same machine. Transfer them to the dryer immediately and use the hottest setting, if possible. Place the dry clothing directly into a plastic trash bag and take it out of the facility immediately. Fold or hang them at home. Your clothes might be a bit wrinkled but you will be less likely to bring home uninvited house guests. If you must fold your clothes at the facility, spray the counter top with bleach and water. Allow it to air dry so the bleach doesn’t damage clothing. The safest way to avoid bringing roaches home in your laundry is to launder everything at home in your own washer and dryer.

For an ‘instant’ kill a spray of alcohol (either rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle or aftershave in a spray, as long as it contains alcohol) works very well. Hairspray works too.

If you’re cheap (or just lazy) and live in a small apartment, you can also use everyday plastic grocery bags as an easy and inexpensive alternative to caulking. Simply find cracks and openings along floors, walls, and baseboards where the little buggers might be getting in, and stuff one or two bags along each opening to effectively “seal” it. If this doesn’t convince the roaches to find another apartment to invade, it should at least limit the area through which they can enter your space. Use the opportunity to apply other methods of killing and trapping with greater results.

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