Cockroach Habits

Having A Cockroach Problem?

It’s not hard to know if you are having a cockroach problem because by simply spotting one roach around the house is enough evidence to say there is some kind of problem going on. The question is: How bad is this problem? It can be from roaches coming from the neighbors to an infestation behind your fridge. It’s good to know some of the cockroach habits to get rid of them once and for all.

The main reasons why cockroaches in Australia are not liked and considered disgusting is just because they are able to transmit diseases and they are pretty gruesome to look at!. Cockroaches are know to very gregarious and social insects. They have adapted to eat almost anything edible including vegetable peels, rubbish, paper, cardboard, linen, clothes, grass, soap, tea leaves, coffee, skin tissue, hair, grease, glue, all types of humand and animal feaces, cigarette butts and very often cannabilise their brothers and sisters. Now you have one more reason to call them disgusting!

They are well known to be the fastest insects on earth. They can change directions while running at full speed.

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