How Do I Kill Cockroaches

Different Methods Of Killing Cockroaches

You must be asking yourself: How do I kill cockroaches? There are different methods you can use to kill roaches. You can use an insecticide to spray where they are hiding or even a direct contact with them (it’s important to follow instructions on the label).

You can also use cockroach traps, which is also know as sticky boards, these are placed usually in the kitchen and in the laundry room and the way it works is very simple, there is a bait placed in the middle of the board where when the roaches come to feed on they get stuck and die. The advantage of this method is the no direct contact with the insect because you don’t have to worry about it every time there is a dead cockroach, instead, you can just leave it for a few months then throw it away.

If you don’t have access to industrial insecticides this is an easy way to trap them: get a soda bottle, cut the curved top off, invert and place on top of the body so it acts like a funnel into the bottle. Tape into place and put some beer in the bottom, bugs will enter and drown.

It’s debatable whether or not stepping on a female cockroach will destroy the eggs. Eggs lie in a thick casing called an ootheca, and it will most likely not survive if the female is killed, but it’s smart to clean it all off your shoes anyway.

When disposing of dead cockroaches it’s best to flush them down the toilet so it’s out of your house.

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