Australian Cockroaches


The Australian cockroach is another species of cockroach that is commonly found in Australia and physically quite large. Similar in appearance to the American cockroach but slightly darker with yellow markings around the pronotum which are clearly defined, the forewings are also bear a distinct yellow marking.

The females will drop or glue their egg cases to surfaces, these can contain up to 24 eggs which will develop from nymphs into adults 6-12 months after hatching. The adults tend to live for anywhere between 4-8 months during which the female will lay up to 20 eggs cases.


Similar to the Smokey brown cockroach, the Australian roach prefers to eat food originating from plants which leads to this species being encountered in greenhouses and under the bark of trees or leaves that are littered around the yard. Contrary to the Smokey brown, which prefers to remain outdoors, the Australian cockroach can be found in subfloors, roof and wall voids as well as around utilities inside factories or other industrial buildings. They can also be sighted in outhouses as well as around woodpiles. This species also prefers warmer, subtropical and tropical conditions.

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