Brown Branded Cockroaches

The Brown-Banded cockroach is a smaller species of cockroach and measures only 10-14mm in length, and it is the only species in the Supella genus. The Brown-Banded is over mistaken as a German cockroach and vice versa, which leads to poor treatments due the the slow breeding rate of the Brown and the immensely quick reproductive rate of the German cockroach. As such more steps need to be taken to effectively control the German cockroach whereas controlling the Brown-Banded is much simpler and does not necessarily require an IGR (growth regulator) or other supplementary pesticides.

This cockroach is predominantly an indoor pest and prefers dry habitats – commonly found inside hospitals, offices, restrooms, storerooms and so on. It is known for being an active cockroach and might fly when disturbed as well. It is also not out of the ordinary to sight them during the day.


The Brown-Banded is a tan to light brown in colour and as detailed earlier it is a small cockroach. Both male and female have wings, though the male’s wings are slightly extended. The egg capsule is not borne by the mother and is instead glued to surfaces where and can contain up to 18 eggs. The period of development from nymph to adult ranges between 2-4 mths after which adults will typically live for another 6 months.


Due to the nature of the Brown-Banded – it’s widely spread throughout a property and not isolated to one area such as a kitchen – does make it harder to treat without the use of a pest control agency.