German Cockroaches


The German Cockroach is absolutely infamous. It’s come to be known as the most prolific breeder among cockroaches and due to a lack of predators in homes and units they can re-infest a property over and over if not treated correctly and thoroughly. They’re known to devour any food that a human can as well as curtains, paper, wallpaper, leather and pretty much ANY organic material! These little buggers love the indoors and you can often find them where they have water and food within easy access – this leads to them predominantly inhabiting kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms. They are incapable of flight and bear their egg capsules (Ootheca) until it reaches maturity which is unlike any other cockroach.


Adult German cockroaches vary in length between ~1.1cm and ~1.6cm and their color varies from a light tan to black with a pair of dark streaks running down the pronotum. (From behind the head down to the end of the wings). The wings are not capable of true flight but can be used to assist in a glide when the cockroach is disrupted. The babies, also known as Nymphs, are almost pitch black and look very similar to a beet when they first emerge from the Ootheca (egg enclosure). Over the period of a couple weeks, the body elongates and lightens in color.

Indicators of an infestation; skins that have been cast off, little splotches of dark vomit and feces that can be found in cracks and crevices as well as on the hinges of doors or cupboards. Their fecal matter is absolutely tiny and looks similar to fly-specks. The German cockroach is often misidentified as a Brown-Banded cockroach which has a lighter tinge to their carapace. The Brown-Banded also live in both outdoor and indoor environments that are dry and they are also capable of flying.


Once you have employed a professional pest control company such as A1 PEST CONTROL to control German Cockroaches in your environment, there are certain things that you can do in order to get a faster, more permanent result. We have used our professional equipment and insecticides to get to the places that you would not normally even think of, let alone carry out.

A professional pest control company is a sure method to control German cockroaches for an extended period. Incorrect Identification and incorrect treatment of German cockroaches can leave them re-infesting within a couple of weeks! We have a combination of Broad spectrum pesticides alongside a proven Insect Growth regulator (IGR) that breaks down the reproductive cycle and promotes effective, long-term treatments!

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