Smokey-Brown Cockroach (Periplaneta Fuliginosa)


The Smokybrown cockroach is quite common in Australia, its appearance is a dark brown to near black without any pale markings (adults), and it shares a lot of commonalities with the American cockroach. Such as a similar breeding cycle – an ootheca which contains up to 26 eggs, a 6-12 month development from nymph to adult and an adult lifespan of about 6-12 months also. The female is able to produce almost 20 egg cases during its lifetime.


The Smokybrown also shares a lot of habitual traits with the American cockroach. It is commonly found in garages, sheds, subfloor areas, roof voids and inside and around grease traps and drains. Contrary to the American roach the Smoky does prefer food coming from organic plant materials and is often found in greenhouses, nurseries and gardens.

This species of cockroach is commonly identified as an outdoor pest and rarely infests the inner parts of a building or dwelling. They are fully winged and capable of flying short distances in warmer conditions, generally in the direction of a light!

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